The great & the ugly


How I see the world

The world is GREAT – beautiful, stunning, colorful, cheerful, lovely, sweet, cozy, tasty, fun. In the same second the world is UGLY – depressing, fearful, cruel, hateful, careless, godless. We can’t have the one without the other.

In my work you’ll see the contrasts between GREAT and UGLY – the pretty and the dirty. The realness of life.

After years of photographing candid images of life for other people, I went down with stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, cancer. I knew I had to pull myself up, to feel happy again, but it was probably the hardest challenge I’ve ever faced.

Years later I’ve learned to embrace the UGLY we all have to face from time to time. We try to be happy, we struggle to survive – that’s our basic stone age instinct, but we’ll have to mix the happy with the sad – the GREAT with the UGLY – to be strong enough to cope.

I’m soon turning 50 and the good thing about that scenario is that I just have to survive somehow. I don’t have to dream anymore – dreams that will never come true anyway. I can just shoot whatever I want, whenever I want.

I’m embracing the world, the streets, the seas, the views. The nature and the streets have become my playground and it makes me happy. I’ve never had so much space to make art from before. I’ve learned to love the challenges in my world when documenting life and time. Stuff  that’s real.

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